Redefining Medical Litigation Management

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The security of our projects is of highest importance; Eastwood’s document system is hosted by the most secure technology available. Our technology allows counsel to access documents from any web browser anywhere in the world. A user friendly interface allows efficient navigation of case summaries as well as viewing the medical record itself. Our team will interface with your team to build efficient custom workflows. We provide continuous IT support and training.


Efficient, safe and securely-managed documents.

Since access to your documents is provided via web browser login, you can safely and securely view all parts of your project anytime you need. Notifications can also be customized to let you know when key events occur or important documents are available.


More about server safety.

The DocuWare system allows us to choose which remote hosted server we prefer to use. The security of our projects is of highest importance, so Eastwood’s document system is hosted by Parsec Data Management which provides secure, encrypted uploads and downloads—as well as HIPPA-compliant electronic asset storage.



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